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Breakaway's R&B

About us

Paul Artigues was the chef and owner of Green Goddess restaurant in the French Quarter for more than a dozen years. His Breakaway's menu includes some dishes from Green Goddess, but it's more about serving traditional New Orleans dishes.

"We're being mindful of vegans and vegetarians, but with more of a New Orleans slant to it," he says. "At the Goddess, it got kind of ethereal, and I made up a lot of recipes. For 13 years people asked, 'What kind of food do you serve?' Now I’ll be able to say, ‘New Orleans food.’"
Green Goddess was known for its vegan and vegetarian-dominated menu and its haute cuisine approach.
The Breakaway's menu has vegetarian dishes, such as a vegan green gumbo, mushroom fritters, an avocado, cheese, and sprouts sandwich, and some salads. It also has turkey and beef daube sandwiches, crawfish etouffee, and a fried shrimp plate. Some dishes are available in meat or vegan versions, including beans with either tofu or a ham hock.
"It’s been fun going back to my childhood food experiences and the stuff I grew up loving — at my grandmother’s house and what my mom would make," Artigues says. "I am trying to honor the food I grew up eating here."
Both Antiques grew up in Uptown. Olivia Artigues also has skilled cooks in her family. Her grandmother, Ursula Rochon, who lived in Washington, D.C., cooked for two presidents, Olivia Artigues says.
Breakaway's has a bigger, better-equipped kitchen than the Green Goddess space, the chef says. That will enable him to do more, but he says he's going to keep the opening menu relatively simple and add to it later.
The Artigues have given the space a facelift, but Breakaway's will keep the bar in the front room, and there will be table service for dining in the back room.
The bar's signature is a small menu of snowball cocktails. The Green Goblin is made with absinthe, orange liqueur, and lime over shaved ice. The Cafe Brulot snowball combines whiskey, chicory liqueur, and cold brew. The beer list includes some brews from regional breweries, as well as some imported beers.